A Truckload of Kindness

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When one of our Seacoast families was displaced from their home for the second time in one year, a team of disaster relief volunteers from Seacoast Church were ready to help them recover from Irma’s flooding. While one team removed furniture from the house and dried the flooring, over a dozen more people joined together at a laundromat to save all of the family’s clothing.

There was a truckload of soaking wet laundry needing to be sorted, washed, dried and folded. After attempting to use two different laundromats, our team realized there weren’t enough available wash machines to complete the task. Volunteers connected with a disaster recovery service, who found a laundromat that could accommodate the large amount of clothing.

The facility provided more than just availability –  they offered to wash, dry and fold all of the clothes by the next day, as long as the Seacoast volunteers would sort the loads. This generous act of kindness and our team’s dedication made a big difference for a family who experienced so much destruction.